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Southaven Chamber Announces the Promotion of Shawntel Hibbler

For Immediate Release
 February 21, 2024
SOUTHAVEN – The Southaven Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the promotion of Shawntel Hibbler to Assistant Director. Hibbler officially stepped into the role February 16, 2024.
Shawntel Hibbler grew up in the Bronx, New York. She and her husband Jarvis have four children. She has a background in Business Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Shawntel has resided in the mid-south for four years, three of them being in Walls, MS. She loves Mississippi and says, “since moving here, it has just felt like home.”
Shawntel stated,” I am deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve as Assistant Director of the Southaven Chamber. This promotion is no only a testament to the unwavering support of our dedicated team, but also a reflection of the vibrant business community we are privileged to serve. I look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts, fostering economic growth, and empowering local businesses as we navigate the tremendous growth opportunities in Southaven.”
Executive Director Debbie King commented, “Shawntel Hibbler has a passion and a drive that is unstoppable. She loves people and loves to learn; she has a grace and elegance about her that allows her to command a room. I am excited to work alongside her and assist her in discovering and refining leadership skills as she learns this new role; she is poised for greatness and plays a vital role in the success of the Chamber.”
Cristan Engelke, Event Coordinator had this to say about Shawntel’s promotion,” I am so excited for Shawntel. She has a natural grace-filled leadership style that will allow her to excel in her new role as Assistant Director. From her first day, Shawntel has been a perfect fit in our Chamber family. Her passion for serving others, combined with poise and professionalism are just a couple of the many things that I love and admire in her. I look forward to serving alongside her for many years to come.”
Sierra Henley, Director of First Impressions added, “This is such an exciting success for Shawntel, I couldn’t be happier! No one else is more qualified for this as I am confident Shawntel will guide our chamber with dignity and lead effectively.”
The Southaven Chamber remains passionate and determined to be a resource to its members and to the mission of the Chamber to champion the future of the business community.