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Solucion, LLC

Solucion, LLC


About Us

Solución designs and implements innovative workforce solutions for the manufacturing, distribution and packaging industries.

Our effective processes can decrease your labor costs and increase performance standards. We evaluate your work flow and develop efficient, fixed cost solutions that allow your business to increase productivity by reducing wasted time and labor.

We develop an understanding of your needs and work beside you as a true stakeholder in your business success. Want to gain an advantage over your competition? Our cost effective solutions will streamline all of your operations. We combine engineering support, recruiting services, operations management and quality standards into one service, which can put your business at the peak of its operating potential.

Industries We Serve:
-Assembly and inspection
-Home Goods & Accessories
-Manufacturing, sorting, tagging, packing, shipping
-Plastics Manufacturing
-Production, assembly
-Food Co-Pack
-Variety packaging and shipping
-Manufacturing, assembly, kitting, picking
-Retail Distribution
-Unloading, pallet displays, end caps, pick/pack, shipping
-Electronic Media
-Manufacturing, packaging, distribution