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H & H Services Group

H & H Services Group


About Us

H & H Filters Manufacturing, LLC., was established in 1993. Les and Tammy Hooper’s vision was to build a business in air filtration that would grow and be a part of their family’s future.

Air filtration had been a part of Les’ family in Gulfport, Ms. for several years prior to H & H and had been an interest of Les’ for quite a while. The couple’s ambitious journey began and they landed their first client, David Gould and Philip Gould of Gould’s Hair Salon. Gould’s Hair Salon is still a part of the H & H family today.

Continued education regarding air filtration was a necessity in order to comply with proper ratings and requirements in the commercial market. H & H became a member of NAFA and Les became a Certified Filter Specialist thru CFSA.

H & H Filters Manufacturing expanded their services and began manufacturing custom air filter frames and washable frames. Their custom frames are used throughout the Memphis metro area and shipped throughout the United States.

A well known HVAC manufacturer is currently placing H & H custom washable frames in the manufactured unit’s prior to shipping the units to retail locations, and have been a loyal customer for 18 years. In 2010 H & H Filter’s Manufacturing, LLC. became H & H Services Group, LLC. Les and Tammy added green solutions and technology under their umbrella of services. H & H Services Group, LLC. and HMS, LLC. developed Arctic Energy RLE® as part of the green solutions line.