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About Us

You deserve an IT partner that goes above and beyond!

We really believe this, and expect that to be the case across the board. Sadly, it's not. Several mid-sized businesses have found themselves in an awkward spot— too big for the IT guy down the street, and not quite ready for an entire team of in-house IT experts.

As a result of that, you've probably just been "making do" with mediocre IT support and cookie-cutter services. Not with us, you won't. We know what the norm is: responding to tickets after a couple of hours, leaving you high and dry in an emergency, and treating you like just another number on a screen...

We've seen all that over the years and started DivergeIT to do the exact opposite. With us, you get to experience under 1-minute responses, one-hour resolution, and a hands-on approach to IT that you’ve most likely never experienced before! And all this, within your budget!