Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Seminar

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Name: Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Seminar
Date: August 4, 2018
Event Description:

Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting

Saturday August 4th, 2018

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Coming in August we will be offering a popular 6 hour training camp on Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting!!

The Course will be taught at our new Survival Training School,
6341 Hwy 51 North Horn Lake, MS.
1/2 mile off of Goodman Road.

The cost of the 6 hour course will be $75.00, and you will receive a Certificate of Training.

If you have taken the class previously, come and sharpen your skills, you will be Awarded a Level 2 Certification.

Come and learn the same skills as are taught to the Israeli Military, Special Forces and other Israeli Professionals.

Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Class / Knife Defenses – Can you defend yourself against an attacker with a knife?

A Knife is a Force Multiplier. Perfectly legal to carry, and very lethal in an Assaultive situation.

Our Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting (ITKF) class can help you learn how to even the odds.

Knives are legal to carry and easily accessible which makes it a very attractive weapon for criminals. The mindset of ITKF is to even the odds. If a knife is pulled on you, you should not defend the attack with open hands if you can deploy a knife to even the odds. A skilled ITKF practitioner defending against an unskilled attacker has a huge advantage in the outcome of the attack.

The ITKF Program is not restricted to law enforcement, military or approved civilians, anyone can take our classes. This program teaches use of the knife as a defensive tool and as an offensive weapon, when you are being attacked and justified to use Deadly Force in Defense of your life or the life of someone else. This program brings Professor Garry Welch and his extensive expertise in use of edged weapons to the classroom setting.

ITKF covers all facets of using a knife against an assailant who is also armed with a knife or any other Deadly Force Object, or an empty hand attack from a much larger, stronger and more skilled individual, when your very life is on the line. You will learn effective deployment strategies to using reverse grip tactics to draw the attacker into an effective counterattack.

In learning the Knife Fighting System, you will learn the points on the body that are considered Lethal Points, thereby learning the parts of your body that are the most vulnerable.

Knife-fighting training is an excellent way to develop a keen understanding of how a knife is used in an attack. It is also a great way to develop a sense of the flow of an assault with a knife, improve footwork for all programs, and improve recognition of knife motion and patterns.

Now of course we understand that you always bring a gun to a knife fight!! But there could be many instances where you either do not have your firearm or for some reason it is not in your control? A Knife makes an excellent second line of defense or offense!!

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We never rise to the level of our expectations...
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?6341Hwy North
Horn Lake, MS 38637
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August 4, 2018
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