Practice Representative

Mid South Chiropractic - Hernando
Job Description

Practice Representative
Three locations – Horn Lake, Hernando, Olive Branch

Thank you for taking time to review this. We have an incredible position that has opened up in each of our offices due to expansion and promotion within our offices! The Practice Representative position is truly an incredible one that we feel you will love!

What is the Practice Representative? In short, the practice representative is the member of our team who gets to go out and represent our practice to the public. The practice representative is an integral part of the team and has an absolutely incredible potential to impact the lives of our community.

What does the Practice Representative do? The Practice Representative will work with the rest of the team to make life impacts in the community. Essentially, he or she will engage in our “Give Back Program” which will include making connections, bringing lunches to businesses, teaching community members how to Live Well for Life, performing health screenings, and attending outreach events.

What experience does a Practice Representative need? None! Our practice representatives will have access to real-life immersive training and will be part of a nation-wide group of “Integrity Doctors Practice Representatives.” Practice representatives will have access to all of the system tools and will actually get an amazing coach. Access to a coach really sets our offices apart and helps us to accomplish greatness!

But wait … there’s more! The amazing benefits of this profession are too numerous to list so we’ll keep it short!
- Flexibility. There is some flexibility to work part of your hours from home and work around your current schedule.
- Growth Potential. We know you’re going to love this position and want to make it your career. If that is the case, there is a lot of potential for growth!
- Purpose. Out of everything here, this may be the biggest benefit. Many jobs offer a paycheck. We don’t stop there – we offer you a purpose. The purpose is the literal driving force behind what we do. We cannot wait to meet with you to discuss this!
- Team. You will be an integral part of our team. We will join hands to make an enormous impact on the health of our community!

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