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Optician Tech

Posted: 02/07/2021

This department is responsible for ordering glasses and filing insurance on orders. They dispense orders that have come into patients and fix glasses that have been damaged.
 1. Ordering Glasses:
? Assist patients in choosing frame if they have not brought in their own.
? Assist patients on what modifications to get on their lens.
? Help patients understand all of their options and choose based on their needs.
? Go over the insurance benefits with patient so they have clear understanding of what they will be owing on glasses.
? Collect patient payment.
? Put order into the computer.
? File insurance if used and scan appropriate documents into patient chart.
 2. Dispensing Glasses:
? Check clipboard to get patients name.
? Pull glasses off the shelf and bring them out to patient.
? Make adjustments, as needed, so the frames fit patient’s face.
? Assure that the patient can see out of the glasses before they leave the office.
? Assist patients with new progressive lens.
? Dispense glasses with a case and cleaning cloth.
? Have patient sign the order sheet to show that they have picked them up.
 3. Adjustments and repairs:
? Greet patients and find out what the problem is with the glasses.
? Determine, whether, the repair can be made in office.
? If unable to fix frames in office, check for warranty and if eligible order warranty replacement pair.
? If frames just need adjustments have patient put them on and see where the adjustments need to be made. Make adjustments accordingly.
 4. Additional responsibilities:
? Keep board stocked with frames.
? Clean mirrors and shelves in optical.
? Check the status on older jobs and update the patient as needed.
? Check voicemails and return calls.
? Check emails.
? Keep cases and cleaning cloths stocked. Order more when supply gets low.
? Reorder jobs that may have been made incorrectly.
? Check jobs in.
? Edge lens (when trained to do so)
? Dispense tags out.