McAlister's Deli Southaven
Job Description

Position Overview:

Implementation of tactics to optimize restaurant sales and cash flow while ensuring adherence to

quality, cleanliness, and customer service standards.

Essential Function:

Responsible for restaurants performance levels in job positions assigned by upper management.

Team members are to maintain their stations in a clean and orderly manner. Team members will

receive additional assignments to maintain unit in accordance with McAlisters cleanliness

standards. Each position has different duties and responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the preparation of certain food items

  • Responsible for greeting our guests and taking their orders accurately in a friendly manner.

  • This position requires knowledge of the menu items and their ingredients as well as

    familiarity with the step-by-step procedure for friendly and efficient customer service. In

    addition, Team Member will be responsible for accurate cash control.

  • Responsible for delivering orders to guest. To ensure that each order is complete and

    prepared properly, the team member will have to become familiar with all the menu items

    and their packaging.

  • Responsible for cleanliness in the dining room and service to our guests.

  • Responsible for insuring that each guest receives exactly what was ordered, both promptly

    and courteously. Orders must be directed to the dining room, curb side and pick up areas in

    an orderly and organized manner. All orders must be verified for correctness and


  • The team member must have the awareness to recognize if any particular

    station is about to fall behind and have the ability to render assistance at that station

    without hindering his/her remaining responsibilities.

  • Responsible for filling all drink. In addition, the team member must be familiar with

    customer service procedures.

  • Responsible for the preparation of each menu item quickly and according to specks. The

    team member is also responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the products

    he/she prepares.

  • Responsible for the preparation of food items. The team member is also responsible for

    maintaining the quality standards of the products he/she prepares.


Job Specifications:

  • 16 years of age or older.

  • Ability to be self-reliant. Execute assigned duties and responsibility from upper

  • management staff

  • Able to speak, read, and write effectively. Excellent oral communication skills to effectively

  • communicate with management, corporate staff, restaurant employees, and customers

  • Must adhere to McAlisters uniform and grooming policy

  • Able to stand and walk for approximately 95% - 100% of shift

  • Able to lift and carry a maximum of 50 pounds

  • Able to work flexible hours

  • Ability to travel to assigned restaurant location and operate respective work stations. Work requires standing and walking 80-90% of the time

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