Project Manager

Diversified Conveyors International, LLC
Job Description

he core purpose of the Project Manager is to provide servant leadership for all project team members and remove obstacles/drive deliverables such that each team member will have the opportunity to be successful on the project.  When every team member is successful, then the project is a successful project. 

Specific Responsibilities


  1. Align the Project Management staff with DCI’s mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives continually

  2. Cast a vision for your coworkers and help lead the project management department towards exceeding or achieving 5 critical criteria for all projects (Safety, Timeliness, Execution, Quality, Profitability)

  3. Implement (and continually improve) the project management system

  4. Coordinate and communicate with the Engineering and Field Operations Departments (and others) to drive completion of deliverables

  5. Lead in the proper allocation of project management resources

  6. Maintain flexibility and strive to complete all other requests as directed by upper management

  7. Daily lead, manage, and execute day-to-day project responsibilities towards achieving (and exceeding) the five critical criteria

  8. Daily execute DCI’s Project Management System and train coworkers as needed

  9. Coordinate and Communicate effectively

  10. Augment and manage client relationships to ensure successful projects and repeatable business

  11. Augment and manage sub-contractor relationships to ensure success

  12. Augment and manage vendor relationships to ensure success

  13. Lead project team to maintain the project schedule

  14. Maintain and manage the project schedule

  15. Issue sub-milestone/SOV invoicing deliverables

  16. Issue RFP & FRQ’s to vendors and sub-contractors to set expectations from suppliers

  17. Issue sub-contracts

  18. Issue PO’s (individual pdf files) and maintain up-to-date PO Log

  19. Procure Material to the job site to maintain/improve the project schedule

  20. Approve vendor invoices

  21. Request/Approve customer invoices based on progress




Education, Skills, and Experience


Degree: A minimum of a B.S. Degree in Engineering


At least 4 years work experience in project/construction management or upper management


Proficiency in Google Apps and MS Office applications (PC and Mac)


Superior administrative capacity to manage multiple activities at once


Strong interpersonal skills with proven teamwork and a heart to serve 

Critical Qualities


A commitment to grow and mature in the mission, vision, and core values of the Company


A friendly, professional, optimistic demeanor


Composure under pressure; flexibility  

Position Information    


Full Time position; salary with benefits


Work Schedule: 45+ hours per week, which may include weekends


This position will work from the Memphis, Tennessee office and report directly to the Director of Project Management


Moderate to extensive travel is required

Contact Information