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Customers can receive either $200* off the retail price of any iPad on a 2-year agreement or $250* off the retail price of any iPad on a 2-year agreement with the purchase of any iPhone on Device Payment.
$200 or $250 off the retail price includes the $100 off the retail price for the contract agreement plus the $100 or $150 promotional discount
  • iPad stand-alone offer
    • $100 discount is taken off of the current 2YR price of iPad
  • iPad/iPhone bundle offer
    • $150 discount is taken off of the current 2YR price of iPad

IBM MaaS360 with Watson

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is a trusted enterprise mobility management solution that makes working in a mobile world more simple and safe.
MaaS360 with Watson technology:
  • Detects malware on a specific version of an app, operating system or device
  • Tells you how many endpoints within your network are affected by new threats
  • Offers suggestions for actions, such as "Block usage of XYZ app until the user updates to the latest version”
  • Provides actionable insights for improved productivity and protection
  • Offers context-driven best practices and recommendations
All this allows you to:
  • Improve user convenience by identifying productivity, policy and app opportunities
  • Safeguard enterprise mobility by automatically discovering security vulnerabilities found in the marketplace
  • Discover avenues of security improvement based on peer benchmarks and best practices
  • Increase IT efficiency with automated delivery of contextual insights and recommendations
  • Verizon Digital Signage lets customers create digitally-rich content that targets their customers with the right messages at the right times and in the right places. Now, Verizon Business Customers can extend their brands and drive more sales through personalized content and helpful apps.

10% Off Bose Speaker Promotion

Get 10% off select Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers with the purchase of any smartphone or tablet.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate Tablet Offer

  V is offering solution sets along with an instant discount for customers impacted by the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate that commercial motor vehicle operators must comply with by 12/18/17. The solution sets consist of a fleet management solution, tablets, mounting hardware, deployment services and mobile device management services required to meet the customer’s compliance needs to meet the ELD Mandate.

Get $229.99 off the Retail Price of Pixel and Pixel XL
Get $229.99 off the retail price of the Pixel or Pixel XL when activating a new line or upgrading on device payment

50% off Pixel and Pixel XL Cases

Get 50% off Pixel and Pixel XL Cases. See Accessory Full SKU list.

Be in the know with Arlo Go!
Safety is important to us all. Whether you're home or away, knowing your home and loved ones are safe makes all the difference. We've just made it easier to get peace of mind.
The new Arlo Go 4G LTE Mobile HD Security Camera is a wire-free security solution that works both indoors and out on Verizon’s better 4G LTE network. Our 4G LTE covers over 2.4 million square miles, meaning no matter if your Arlo Go is installed at your home, business, vacation home, backyard, garage, farm or driveway – we’ve got your back. Go Camo & Ghillie Skin Set - $29.99
  • Live viewing and alerts: Use the companion app (Android and iOS) to livestream real-time HD video and sound using its 130-degree wide-angle lens and two-way audio. Program the camera to let you know if sound or motion is detected and rewind recordings to see what you've missed. If something is 'not right', Arlo will send an alert to your mobile device.
  • Rain or shine: The Arlo Go is designed for all-season outdoor use, including snow. Its built-in night vision even lets you monitor what matters when it's dark.
  • Wire-free and long-lasting battery: Arlo can go for up to two months on the included rechargeable battery. You'll never need to worry about charging cables or power outages.
  • Versatility on vacation: Bring it along on family camping trips. Set up the camera to watch over your campsite and be notified if any unwanted guests (e.g. bears) stop by for a visit. Have a vacation or rental property? Arlo Go is perfect to keep an eye on things when you aren't there.
  •  Arlo Go is perfect for businesses too. Use the security camera to monitor terminals, warehouses, container yards, ports, parking lots, construction sites and more.
  • You can pick one up for $349.99 with two-year activation ($399.99 full retail). Add Arlo Go to your Verizon account for only $5 monthly access, or to a Verizon Unlimited Plan for $20 monthly access.
  • Back to School Trade-In Promotion: Get up to $300 for eligible Trade-Ins – Business
    New customers (new, port in, add a line) can buy the Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Moto Z/Z Force, or LG G6 on device payment or on a 2-year contract and receive up to $300 for select trade-ins as a one-time credit. All trade-ins must be in good working and cosmetic condition.
  • 3Q17 Business Device Offer
    Business customers receive an instant discount on select devices for new line activations, port-ins or upgrades with a 2-year contract or device payment purchase on $24.99 or higher price plan.

    Free Moto Insta-Share Projector with Moto Z2 Force

    Get a free Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod™ (valued at $299.99) with the purchase of a new Moto Z2 Force.
    • Motorola sponsored promotion can be redeemed online only
    • Proof of purchase submitted via:
    • Customer will receive the Insta-Share Projector from Motorola within 4-6 weeks
      Accessory Bundle 3 for $89.99
    • Buy 3 of any combination of cases, screen protectors, charging or portable power priced at $24.99 - $49.99 for only $89.99.
      Accessory prices ending in .98 (clearance) or .97 (non-discountable) are excluded.
      Click here for a full SKU list of accessories included.
      No device purchase required.
      $69.99 Accessory Bundle
      Customer can purchase an accessory bundle for $69.99 that includes 3 accessories.
    • Screen protector (up to $19.99 in value)
    • Device case, cover, pouch or holster ($35 - $59.99 in value)
    • VPC or regular charger (up to $29.99 in value)
      Savings up to $33.32.
    $49.99 Accessory Bundle
    Customer can purchase an accessory bundle for $49.99 that includes 3 accessories.
    • Screen protector (up to $14.99 in value)
    • Device case, cover, pouch or holster (up to $34.99 in value)
    • Vehicle Power Charger (VPC) or regular charger (up to $29.99 in value)
      Savings up to $37.48.
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